Presenter Resources

This page contains information to help presenters prepare for their session at the 2021 AASL National Conference, occurring October 21-23, 2021, in Salt Lake City, UT. Please read the information listed and e-mail with any questions. It is expected that changes could occur over the next five months, and AASL will alert you when this page is updated with any changes or new information.

Preparing for Presentation

On May 28, AASL will send your program title and description, and it is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that you review and edit both items. Below is information to consider when finalizing your session title and description. AASL will not copyedit descriptions and any requested copyedits after the deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Dates and Deadlines

  • May 28 – session titles and descriptions sent to presenters.
  • June 18 – deadline for session strand selection and any edits to session title or description; updates must be submitted online.
  • August 1 – room assignments and times sent to presenters.
  • If circumstances have changed and you are no longer able to attend/present, e-mail as soon as possible.

Session Format, Title, and Description – IMPORTANT

The session rooms will be set in theater style (rows of chairs), with limited options for attendees to move around. Even as pandemic restrictions begin to decrease, AASL is still planning to take steps to mitigate risks. AASL is considering AV options but currently does not plan to have microphones available for attendees to use (handheld mic to pass around or floor mic for attendees to approach). Presenters will have both a podium microphone and a lapel microphone available as options for use. If presenters do take feedback or questions from the audience, they should repeat the comment or question for the audience.

Attendee feedback from the last conference indicated that many sessions ended with 10-15 minutes of “turn to the person next to you and share.” We ask you to plan additional content for this time in your session. AASL will be offering several opportunities throughout the conference for attendees to network and share. For some presenters, these changes will require some re-working of your program outline. AASL appreciates your flexibility and hopes that this additional time will allow for  expansion of your content, sprinkling Q & A breaks into your session, or adding other relevant information.

A session title should be 5-7 words that gives attendees an idea of the focus of your presentation. Your title does not need to explain everything that will be included in your presentation. Some title examples from the last national conference:

  • Nonfiction Books Learners Will Yearn For
  • Collaborate to Invigorate Your Library Program
  • Equity: Moving Beyond Intention to Inclusive Practice
  • Building Bridges between Makerspace and Curriculum

If an attendee is interested in nonfiction, collaboration, equity, or makerspaces they would read these titles and then dig deeper to view the description. Any edits to your session title or description are due no later than June 18 and must be submitted online.

Many presenters may have developed their proposals with an idea of what the presentation would look like. Now is your chance to review your session description and fine-tune. Consider putting together a rough draft of your presentation and from that content re-read your description to ensure it accurately and clearly reflects your content. AASL will not be copyediting session descriptions and so it is highly recommended that you review that information for any typos or grammatical errors. Any edits to your session title or description are due no later than June 18 and must be submitted online.


When you submitted your proposal, you were asked to select from the AASL Shared Foundations as strands for your session. Since the AASL National School Library Standards are now interwoven into programs, and multiple shared foundations are being addressed, the strands have been changed to:

  • Collaboration
  • Collection Development
  • Creation & Design
  • Leadership & Advocacy
  • Literacy
  • Teaching & Learning

In the form you will need to select at least one new strand for your presentation.

PowerPoint Template

An AASL National Conference PowerPoint presentation template is available for use. Download here.


All communications will be sent via e-mail to the submitter (primary contact) of the session. It is the primary contact’s responsibility to share information with the other presenters. If a co-presenter requires an acceptance notice, please email to request.

Room Set

Each room will be set theater style and will be equipped with sound, an LCD screen, a projector, a podium, and a microphone. You are expected to bring your own laptop with your presentation slides loaded onto your laptop. It is strongly suggested that you bring a back-up of your presentation on an external drive. Rooms will have access to WiFi, but we cannot guarantee a strong connection. If any parts of your presentation require an Internet connection, it is recommended that you prepare simulations. AASL will not provide a wired connection for concurrent programming.

Statement of Appropriate Conduct

The AASL Statement of Appropriate Conduct applies to all participants (presenters, attendees, exhibitors, volunteers, staff, etc.). One line in particular is focused on presenter sessions: “Speakers are asked to frame discussions as openly and inclusively as possible and to be aware of how language or images may be perceived by others.”

Preparing for Travel/On-Site


If you haven’t already, we ask that you register for the conference. Use code AASLPRESENTER to register for the conference and you will receive $100 off a full conference registration.

A $100 discount is the maximum registration discount available, and so, if you registered earlier this year and already received a $100 discount, this additional discount does not apply. If you have already registered and received a discount of less than $100, please e-mail so that your registration discount can be adjusted.

Payment is not required at the time of registration, but you will need to select payment of “Check or Purchase Order” to maintain a balance on your account (that you can pay by credit card later).

Non-School Librarian Registrations

If you indicated on your submission that you will have a co-presenter(s) outside of the school library field who requires a waiver, AASL will be contacting you directly with directions for their registration.

Session Assignments

Session room assignments will be scheduled throughout June and final assignments will be sent in July. If a presenter has any special considerations or schedule conflicts, please contact as soon as possible. Once the schedule has been set it will be difficult to adjust.

What to Expect

More information will be added to this section in late summer, but for those who will be presenting for their first time here is some general information.

  • AASL will provide a “Speaker Ready Room” if you would like a quiet space to review your presentation.
  • You should plan to arrive to your room ten minutes prior to start time and end on time. You will see in the tentative schedule that most concurrent sessions are either followed by, or following, another concurrent session with a ten-minute break.
  • If you need help a room volunteer, a floating A/V technician, and staff will be available in the hallways.
  • There will be an opportunity to post your presentation and any ancillary materials for attendees to download.
  • Approximately half of the sessions will be recorded (audio recorded and slidecasted). If you selected the permission box on your submission to be recorded, you may be placed in a room that will be recording sessions. You will be notified when room assignments are sent whether or not your session will be recorded. The decision on which presentations are recorded is based on those who gave permission to record and whose content would translate best into an audio/slidecast format.

Promoting Presentation

Web Badges

AASL has many badges to choose from including a “Presenter” badge to add to your website, newsletters, email signatures, and more. If you’re feeling extra creative, add your photo or bitmoji to the blank badge template! Add the badge with the copy: I’m presenting at the AASL National Conference! Check out my session (title). Register here:

Social Media


Use these sample posts for inspiration. Feel free to change them and add your own spin!

I’m presenting at #AASL21! Get ready to discuss [Session Details]. Be sure to add my session to your conference plans! #AASL21

I’m excited to present [Title] at #AASL21! Register for the conference at:

I’m speaking at #AASL21 and I hope you’ll register and check out my session!

Let’s talk about [Topic]! I’m presenting at #AASL21 and I hope to see you there!

I am thrilled to be presenting at #AASL21! Join me on [Day/Date] at [Time] to participate. You can register at:

Posting Tips
  • Start promoting your session as early as you can. This will help build interest, leading to greater exposure for you by the time of the event.
  • Include the official hashtag #AASL21 in your social media posts.
  • Are you speaking with someone else or part of a panel? Connect with them and help promote each other.
Profile Frames

Add a national conference frame to your Facebook or Twitter profile picture.