Media interested in attending the conference may contact AASL at 312-280-4382 or email Press passes will only be issued to members of the working media who are also members of editorial staffs. Press passes will not be issued to non-editorial staff. Those requesting press passes are to follow specific procedures as defined below:

  • To register as Press for AASL national conference, organizations/individuals are to fill out this form.
  • For consideration, individuals are to submit a copy of their press credentials or a copy of the editorial team from a recent issue of their journal, together with a story they have written within the past three months that has been published in the journal. Credentials and a recent story must be submitted for the request to be considered.
  • Press passes allow access to non-ticketed events only. If the individual wants to cover a ticketed event, a request must be made to AASL for special access.

For those who do not fit the criteria above, please get in touch with AASL for consideration. Please note that press passes are intended for professionals not employed in the school library or a school library-related field. It is assumed that if your primary employment is in a school, district, or university setting, you will attend the AASL national conference as a professional and report on the events of your profession and association. Press passes are reserved for those individuals who would not otherwise attend the AASL national conference.