Research Empowering Practice Sessions

Friday, October 20 & Saturday, October 21

Research is critical to enhancing the school librarian’s role as a leader who transforms teaching and learning. The Research Empowering Practice (REP) sessions helps inform school library practice by sharing quality research with school library practitioners.

The listing provided below may differ from content presented at the AASL National Conference as presenters, sessions, etc., may have changed or cancelled since their original acceptance. AASL provides this listing as an example of the professional development school librarians can expect at the event.

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Promoting Reading Behaviors

School Librarians as Literacy Educator presented by Maida Finch

Stranger than Fiction: Increasing Access to Nonfiction Texts in School Libraries presented by Pam Harland

The Attitudes of Middle Grade Students Toward Graphic Novels presented by Erin Shaw, Jeff Whittingham, Amy Thompson, Rachelle Miller, Kevin Powell, Mandy Bennett and Anne Canada

Sharing Digital Books and Stories

An Open World of Stories: Understanding & Using Open-Access, Global Digital Picturebook Platforms to Scaffold Cultural Connections presented by Jamie Naidoo, Steven Yates, and Gwendolyn Nixon

Bringing Stories Into Homes: Reflections of Diversity in Books Shared in Public Library Virtual Storytime Programs presented by Maria Cahill

Best Practices for Student Learning

An Exploration of Best Practices in Virginia School Libraries presented by Audrey Church, Karla Collins, Carl Harvey, Sheree Garrett

Creating Transformational Change in Student Use of Their Mobile Devices in Just 10 Lessons presented by Ariel Dagan

Culturally Responsive & Culturally Competent Teaching and Learning

Designing Culturally Competent and Impactful K-12 Online Learning presented by Lucy Santos Green and Melissa Johnston

Culturally Responsive Teaching: What Do Elementary Library Media Specialists Know and Experience? presented by Rebekah Davis-Slade

Intellectual Freedom

Developing and Revising Selection and Reconsideration Policies to Protect Intellectual Freedom presented by April Dawkins

High School Student’s Experiences with Internet Filters: What School Librarians Need to Know presented by Jenna Kammer

Engaging Readers

Diversity in the State Book Award Nominees 2013-2023 presented by Amanda Harrison

Exploring the Reading Habits and Characteristics of High School Students Who Are Intrinsically Motivated to Read for Pleasure presented by Judy Henning and Sherry Crow  

Bookji Research Study: Examining Middle School Reading Motivation, Engagement, Peer Influence, and Emoji Use presented by Ellen Pozzi and Neil Grimes

Inequities in Access to School Librarians

Inequities in access to school librarians: Research from the School Librarian Investigation: Decline or Evolution? (SLIDE) Project presented by Caitlin Gerrity and Debra Kachel

Collaborative Partnerships

Interdisciplinary Collaboration in School Library Research presented by Jenna Spiering, Maria Cahill, Denice Adkins, and Daniella Cook

Measuring the Implementation of Media Literacy Instructional Practices in Schools: Community Stakeholder Perspectives presented by Mary Moen

Digital Learning & Media: A University-School-Public Library Partnership presented by Rita Soulen

Insights from School Librarians

The Unseen Role of a School Librarian in an Urban, Midwestern Public High School presented by Paula McClung

Stories from School Librarians: A Narrative Inquiry Approach presented by Cynthia Johnson

Professional Learning of School Librarians: Goals, Skills, and Self-Directed Initiatives presented by Mernie Maestas

Instructional Partnerships and Guided Inquiry

Instructional Partnerships and Guided Inquiry: How to Plan and Prepare for Long-Term Collaborations presented by Lucy Santos Green